Welcome to the 'Poverest Allotments Association' website.

Poverest Allotments is one of some 51 sites located in the London Borough of Bromley. The site occupies approximately 4.5 hectares (11 acres) to the east of Poverest Recreation Grounds. The main entrance and office is located at the south east corner of the site at the top of Footbury Hill Road, Orpington (postcode BR6 0HP). Zoom in/out on the map.
There are currently 92 members using the 90 plots although there are a number of split plots and multiple holdings.
Facebook Trial
Our Facebook Group is proving to be a useful tool for quickly providing information to Members and also for Members to give information and advice to each other. Basically this is a private, self-help facility. Twenty eight members have now signed up almost a third of the association membership.
If you already use Facebook click here to join the group.
If you don't use Facebook consider signing up just to use this facility. There's no need to use all the other things that comes with it - I don't!
Features Page
The Features page is our magazine section. Current contents are:-

Pollination and Pollinators
Nathan's Farewell
Photos from the Wildflower Meadow.
Photos of the July visit by the Green Street Green Rainbows Group.
Photos from Chairmans Picnic.
Entries for Plot of the Year 2017.

Policies Page
These Policies are either additions to or clarification of the formal Terms and Conditions of Tenancy. Members should understand and follow these rules. Members are also reminded that they are responsible for the conduct of family members or others who accompany them on site.
If intending to keep poultry on site the conditions set out on this page should be followed.
Advice Page
A space for your questions and answers. Current contents are:-

Crop Rotation
Removing Brambles.
Removing Horse Tail
Rainbows Return
RainbowsThe Green Street Green Rainbows Group paid us another visit on 29th September. Anne Robarts has kindly donated a section of her plot, 53b, for their use and here they are hard at work doing their Winter planting. They'll be back in Spring to see the fruits of their labours. (photo by John o'Connell)

Notice Board

AGM 2018
Was held Wednesday 18 April
See the Contacts Page for details of the new Committee
No plots currently available.
More details below.
Shop now closed for the Winter except fror Rent Collection
Free Stuff
Manure: At site entrance.
Chippings: At site entrance.
Pallets: Next to Shed - None at present
Well Rotted Compost: Left side of the Compost Heap
Have regard for our neighbours. No use of machinery before 0800 Monday to Friday or 1000 Weekends.
Copies of the Constitution and Tenancy Agreement can be found on the Policies Page
Wildlife Watch
In association with Bromley's Biodiversity Plan members are being asked to report sightings of a number of wildlife species which, once common, are now becoming increasing rare. The initial focus is on the Common Toad which leave their overwintering nests around February/March. (See this Poster). Please use links within the Poster to report any sightings.
Other species of interest to the group are bullfinch (all year), stag beetle (June/July), harebell (July/August), Painted Lady Butterfly (summer) and Marbled White Butterfly (July).
Beware! Asian Hornet
Asian Hornet
Recent sightings have been made of this invasive scourge of the Honey Bee. The Asian Hornet is a member of the wasp (Vespa) family and in recent years has reeked havoc among the Honey Bee communities in France. It has also invaded the Channel Islands and has now been seen in Gloucestershire. It is larger than the common wasp (25mm v 15mm) but smaller than the native European Hornet (40mm). Rather than the familiar yellow and black striped uniform of the wasp it has single orange stripe near its tail on an otherwise dark body. For more details there are a gathering number of links on Google.
If you think you see one of these please contact John O'Connell. .
Can you help improve this website
If you have any ideas of how this website could be improved please let me know. Items for the Advice Page would be especially welcome. Supply photos to show off your plot. Constructive criticism is welcome. Please email me at oakdeneweb.uk
Plots Availability
As of October 2017 there are no vacant plots available. Over the past few years we have had a fairly large turnover of members so if you would like to be informed of any vacancies please contact us by email at admin@poverestallotments.org.uk or in person during shop opening times.
Current Annual Fees are £57.00 for full plots and £30.50 for half plots. New members also pay a £5.00 Joining Fee.
For information about other allotments in Bromley see the BALGF website

Birds and Butterflies Sightings
At the end of January 2016 one of our members, Jamie Fletcher, provided a spreadsheet detailing the Birds and Butterflies seen around the Allotments and its environs. This created a fair amount of interest so a pair of web pages have been created with information from the spreadsheet and which also give all members the opportunity to report their own sightings and to supply photos. See Birds and Butterflies.
The Shop
The shop is open between 1000 and 1200 on Sunday mornings.
A range of gardening goods is available to members at competetive prices. See here for details.
Compost Heap
Compost Heap
The Compost Heap has again been pushed back and piled up. It is in the interests of everyone to keep this area tidy and pile waste ON TOP of the heap. The hire of a JCB is a considerable proportion of our maintenance budget.
You will notice that along the left-hand side of the heap a gap has been left where you can collect very well rotted compost for use on your plot.